Frequently Asked Questions

Organization Related

Q: "We are an American Church. Can we participate in this program?"

A: No. Microsoft is very particular about cross border license sales. We are looking into seting up a similar, US based company for American Non-Profits. Please email us to let us know that this would be of interest to you.

Q: "Where can I find my Charitable Registration Number?

A: Check with the person that does your books. It should be on
the top of all the official correspondence and CCRA documents.

Product Related

Q: "Where can I get some product help with my Microsoft Word Templates? (or other similar requests).

A: is an expert in licensing, but that doesn't make us experts in all of the products themselves. Microsoft has many resources available on their site, and as registered users of their products you will have varying support options. Support on the products will come from Microsoft or from your existing IT support partners.

Q: "We need to install a Windows 2003 Server. Can you help us out?"

A: We can provide pre-sales support to ensure that you get the correct type and quantity of the licenses that you will require on your network, and we can provide some basic instructions or recommendations. However, you will still require a local business partner or competent IT staff to install and maintain your network.

Q: "I have received my Microsoft License, but how do I get the CDs?"

A: Begining in January 2008, Microsoft discontinued distribution of the media kits through their business partners. Your license allows you to download the software direct from Microsoft to make your CDs. Or, if you are not sure how to do this, you can purchase the media direct from Microsoft. Instructions for both options are included in the license you receive direct from Microsoft.

Q: "How long does it take to receive the licenses after placing the order?"

A: Normal processing time is about two business days. However, it has sometimes taken as long as one week. Ironically, although the purchase process and license delivery are electronic, each order needs to be manually checked for accuracy and eligibility first by us, then by Microsoft's License distributor, and finally by Microsoft. When approved, Microsoft emails the license agreements directly to you.

Q: "Does an order every get rejected? What happens then?"

A: Yes, it does happen. It is rare though, as we check each order for completeness and eligibility before submitting it. Any order that is not approved, either by us or by Microsoft, will be immediately and entirely refunded.

License Order Related

Q: "Can we buy these licenses directly from Microsoft?"

A: No. Microsoft does not sell directly to endusers. Pacific Citadel Capital, Inc. (owner of is an Authorized Microsoft Business Partner. You purchase licenses from us, and the orders are then forwarded to Microsoft. Microsoft sends you the licenses directly.

Q: "Why is there a small order fee of $10 on my order?

A: Anytime we submit an order of less than $1000 CDN, we are charged this small order fee. We debated rolling the cost into the price of the product, but decided that transparancy is the better option for our customers. If you have a larger order, this fee will not apply.

Q: "What is Software Assurance and why should I pay more for it?"

A: Software Assurance is Microsoft's license subscription program. Most products are available with or without software assurance.
If you get it, which is recommended on most products, you will be entitled to receive new versions of the product as they come out, free of charge, for the next two years. If you do not buy the software assurance version of the product, you will have to purchase a license for a new version that comes out.

Q: "Is there a minimum order requirement?

A: Yes. To open a new Charity License Subscription, you must buy five licenses. They can be different products and different prices, but must total five licenses. Then, for the next two years, you are able to add single additional licenses. After two years, you will need to open a new license agreement and buy five more licenses of any product.

Q: "Does this mean I have to keep paying for the same product every two years?

A: No, not at all. If you buy a license for MS Office 2007 now, you won't need to rebuy the same thing later. What expires after two years is your ability to add additional single licenses to your existing agreement, plus software assurance if applicable.

Q: "Can we have more than one Active Charity Subscription?

A: Yes. In fact, every time you order five or more licenses from us, we will automatically create a new subscription, which will then
give you two more years from that date to add additional single licenses.

Q: "I only want to buy a single copy of MS Office 2007 for our church. Can I get that?"

A: No - and Yes! We have a creative and inexpensive solution to this common delimna for small non-profits. Please call us toll-free for more information.

Q: "We've changed our mind and want to get a refund on the licenses. Can we do that?"

A: This is important - there are no refunds on licenses. We would prefer that this is not the case, but the our distributor does not allow us to return licenses once purchased. If you want to try and get a refund, you will need to take it up directly with Microsoft. A better idea is to not buy if you are not sure. Note that if your order is refused because of ineligibility, your money will be refunded.

Q: "We have a number of volunteers at our church that do newsletters, keep the books and do other tasks for us. Because our budget is limited, they use their own equipment at home. Can we buy charity licenses for them to use on their computers?"

A: Yes. It doesn't matter where you install your licenses. That's up to you. We cannot sell licenses to end users though. We can only sell to the charitable organization itself.

Q: "What other limitations are there with this program? Is there a maximum number of licenses that we can buy?"

A: There is no limit to the number of licenses you can buy. The only restriction as that you are a qualifying non profit organization. Microsoft has separate programs for hospitals, government and school districts, so we cannot sell charity licenses to those organizations. Private non-profit schools and religious schools do qualify for this program. If for some reason your organization is a hospital, school district or part of the governement, we are authorized to sell most classes of license and would be happy to help.

Order Entry Related

Q: "Why do I get directed to a Battery Site when I go to enter my order?"

A: Certified Battery and are both ownded by the same company, Pacific Citadel Capital, Inc. In the interests of keeping costs as low as possible for non-profit organizations, we have decided to use the shopping cart on the Certified Battery site to process the orders. In doing so, we avoid many costs that we would otherwise have to pass on to customers - including site development and maintenance, merchant accounts, website hosting, etc. Depending on customer feedback, we may build a separate order entry site in the future.

Q: "Can I order over the phone with my credit card?"

A: Not at this time. However, we have had a surprising number of requests for this service, and are considering getting our own merchant account. If you would like it as well, please let us know.

Q: "So how do you process credit cards then?"

A: We use Paypal as our merchant account. We like them because of the additional security and privacy it provides our customers. You don't need a Paypal account, just select "Pay with my Credit Card" when the payment box pops up. Paypal will process your order and send the payment to us.

Q: "Our organization doesn't have a credit card" or "We prefer to not pay online. Can we send you a cheque?"

A: Absolutely. In fact, we would even prefer a cheque as the fees are lower to process. But please, because of the low prices for charity software, we cannot offer payment terms to any organization, large or small. This isn't about trust, it is about keeping costs as low as possible, in order to keep the prices as low as possible. Having an accounts receiveable department would require charging higher prices, and the whole point of this exercise is to provide the lowest prices possible. If you want to pay by cheque, we recommend that you give us a call and we will email you an invoice to include with your cheque.

Q: "Hey, I found this error on your site" or "I tried to do ______ and it doesn't work!"

A: This site is brand new and still under development. We would greatly appreciate being notified of errors you find, or improvements that could be done to the site.

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